Putting the power of E-commerce in your hands.

Welcome to Kavenda, the ultimate destination for everyone looking to expand their business online. We’ve put the power of ecommerce in every hand, an email address and mobile number. We’ve made it that easy.


Getting started with Kavenda is a breeze, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Step 1: Sign Up and Create Your Account
With integrated social media and email sign-up. Signing up is 1-click away.

Step 2: Customize Your Online Store
 Once you’re logged in, choose a template, and add your store’s name, logo, and a brief description of your brand. Set up your payment methods, add products to your store customize the layout and configure your shipping options. You’re done.

Step 3: Launch Your Online Store
3.1. Before going live, review your store. Once you’re satisfied with your store’s appearance and functionality, click the “Launch” button to make it accessible to the public. Share your store’s URL to start attracting customers.

Congratulations! Your online store with Kavenda is now live, and you’re ready to start selling your products or services to a global audience. Don’t forget to regularly update your store, monitor sales, and engage with customers to build a thriving online business.


The best-converting checkout on the planet.
Checkout with Kavenda is a seamless, secure, and stress-free experience that ensures your customers complete their purchases with confidence. Our user-friendly interface is designed to optimize conversions and streamline the checkout process, maximizing your sales potential.


Enterprise-grade security
You’re in control.
We keep your site and visitors’ data protected, 24/7.
With Kavenda, you have full ownership of your online store and all of its data. Because we believe business should be enhanced, not limited by technology.


Kenya’s most renowned payment method, MPESA. You can also use your card.

Shipping methods integrated for you.
Shipping can be done from our warehouse or from your physical store.

Flexible point of sale to power your retail store
A POS system that allows customers to shop their way, from online to checkout line.

It’s just that easy

Customize your store according to your preferences and needs. Our robust ecommerce website builder empowers your business’s growth by enabling you to bring your unique vision to reality using an intuitive drag-and-drop store creator, without the necessity for coding expertise. Whether you aim to sell your products locally or nationally, we provide you with all the necessary tools for success.

Frequently Asked Questions


We’re here for you

We’ve got you covered 7 days a week. When you create a website with Kavenda, you can count on personalized support around the clock by email, live chat, or schedule a call with a Customer Care Expert right from the source.

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